Mark-I Standard Tag Gun TagStarSA & Mark-II Standard Tag Gun TagStarSB
Tag Guns - TagStar SA
This is a premium Free Pitch Standard Tagging Gun, designed in Germany and patented. A combination of raw materials from Germany, Switzerland and England not only makes this model almost unbreakable and transparent, but also gives a feeling of pride to the operator. A colored manual in five international languages [English, French, Spanish, Italian & German] provides more user convenience.
Suitable Tag Pin:-
Any Standard Tag Pin, Micro Standard Tag Pin, Standard Hook Pin, Standard `V' Pin, Standard Ring Pin. We recommend to use it with our ARROW, WONDER or UNIVERSAL Standard / Micro Standard Tag Pins.

Fabric Piercing Diameter for SA:- 2.0mm
Fabric Piercing Diameter for SB:-1.8mm
Maximum Thickness Of Fabric for SA:- 10.0mm
Maximum Thickness Of Fabric for SB:- 13.0mm
Tag Gun tagstar sa, tag gun tagstar SB
Siutable Needles For TagStar SA-Mark-I Standards
C121 T121 P121 H121 C131
tag needles c121 tag needles t121 TagGun Needles P121 TagGun Needles H121 tag needles c131
Suitable Needles For TagStar SB-Mark-II Standards
B161 T161 D181
Suitable Needles---Mark1 Standards
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